Action Comics #970

by Ryan.L on December 28, 2016

Writer: Dan Jurgens
Artist: Patch Zircher
Colorist: Ulises Arreola
Publisher: DC Comics

Will Lex Luthor become the successor of Darkseid? This continues to be the question on everyones mind as Superman sets out to find Lex and to get answers to that very question.

This issue we see Superman confront those that have taken Lex to execute him for crimes he has not yet committed. Superman does not agree with their allegations as there is no crime already committed just the possibility of them in the future.

This idea of punishing someone for something they might do in the future is a popular topic in comics right now with Marvel's Civil War II revolving around the same topic. That being said I feel that Action Comics is doing a much better job at not only presenting the topic but giving us an engaging story around it. Lex has done a lot of terrible things, and his recent reform into being a hero shouldn't negate all of that. But punishing someone for something they have not done yet is a stretch.

L'Call has some very valid points, and also the fact that Lex has a mother box doesn't help matters in the least. But I can't help but side with Superman that there needs to be irrefutable proof that Lex has done something wrong already or he should be let go. 

I really liked how Dan Jurgens has approached this. He has had some battles but mainly there is a lot of discussion, with Superman imploring them to prove why Lex should be punished. I found in Brian Michael Bendis Civil War II he focused on the characters just battling each other. We never really got into the heart of the matter like Jurgens is delivering to us in Action Comics. 

I did though have one problem with this issue and it was the ending. For me it seemed to come out of left field and not fit what has already been built up in the last few issues. I will have to wait and see where this goes in the next issue, but it did seem a little out of character. 

There is a lot of feels in this story and Patch Zircher again captures it all beautifully in the art work. There are battles happening while the characters are arguing with each other and Zircher doesn't overwhelm us with flashy action panels. He mixes a good balance of the action with drama to really pull us into the story and keep us engaged.

Again Action Comics continues to be a heavy hitter from DC. If you haven't been picking this one up you are definitely missing out. I'm so on the edge of my seat wanting to know what Lex's fate is going to be. Pick this one up its a solid series and issue that shouldn't be missed.


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