Star-Lord #1

by Ryan.L on December 21, 2016

Writer: Chip Zdarsky
Artist: Kris Anka
Colorist: Matthew Wilson
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Peter Quill pity party, party of one.

So the Guardians of the Galaxy's ship was destroyed during Civil War II and they are now stuck on earth. Peter is going all squirrely with nothing to do and this series follows his now grounded adventures.

I found this book to be a mix of fun and also a little boring. The concept of Peter being stuck on Earth and not knowing much of the customs here because despite being half human he has spent most of his time in space was an intriguing one. But most of this book he spent moping around and complaining about being lonely. There are some really funny jokes but after awhile with the same moping comments over and over it really starts to over shadow the fun.

The thing I have always loved about Peter is that he is a loveable idiot. That though seems to be missing from this issue which is really unfortunately. It's one big pity party and thats not very entertaining. Yes this is just the first issue, but I am finding that Chip Zdarsky is trying too hard to mirror what Chris Pratt has been doing with the character in the movies and it's not completely working here on the page.. 

The 2004 Legendary Star-Lord series was so much fun and had a great balance of everything we love about the character. The 2015 Star-Lord series and now this one just seems to be missing elements that I hope this one can find again.

I did really enjoy the art for this book though. it had that cartoonish look that I would expect from a comic with a comedic tone like Star-Lord has. Peter has been redesigned to look a lot more like Chris Pratt from the movies, but I actually don't mind this as much. They have also sexualized Peter a lot more with this series having him shirtless several times, which some fans will enjoy.

Overall this first issue is a little bit shaky but was still pretty fun. I hope this finds it's groove soon because Peter is such a fun character and has proven in the past to be able to hold a solo series. 


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