The Mighty Captain Marvel #0

by Ryan.L on December 21, 2016

Writer: Margaret Stohl
Artist: Emilio Laiso, Ramon Rosanas
Colorist: Rachelle Rosenberg
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Things have been pretty crazy the last while for Captain Marvel. An Inhuman with the ability to see possible futures has emerged causing conflict between the status quo. Protect the future, or change the future? Carol was the leader on the side that wanted to change the future, while Iron Man headed the side that wanted to protect it. This caused huge waves through the Marvel Universe resulting in Civil War II.

Carol has been a beloved character for a long time, with Marvel bringing her to the forefront in Civil War she has received even more attention. Not all of that attention has been positive, for many fans feel her character in Civil War II was not their Captain Marvel. She came off more as a dictator than anything else. It was very hard to sympathize with her because her motivations were not very clear. Her argument was weak "all I care about is that the world keeps turning" she didn't want to research into his powers more, or find out if they were legit. "If everyone's alive at the end of the day... it was the right thing to do" is not a solid argument especially when you put people in harms way that end up dead, even by your own hands.

Can Carol redeem herself after her actions in Civil War II? Well, this new series focusing on her aims to do just that. While taking the stance that a lot of the Marvel Universe loves her and views her as a hero, many hate and despise her as well. She has lost so many friends, and even suffers from anxiety that is preventing her from sleeping. She keeps having terrible nightmares that rehash that final battle with Iron Man.

I have to say that I went into this issue with a lot of hesitation. I was not impressed with Marvel's direction to take Carol during Civil War II. She has never been one of my favorite characters but they really made her unlikable. But after getting a few pages into this issue and seeing how they acknowledge the hate that she had received and how the events are affecting her, I started to become more interested.

Life is a struggle for Carol now, she doesn't have a clear view of who she is anymore. Margaret Stohl gives us a glimpse into Carol's past and that explains somewhat of why she fought as hard as she did in Civil War II. This is a redemption story and a well deserved one at that. One of my favorite moments in the book is with Carol and Jessica Drew, Spider-Woman. This is exactly what makes a book so engaging and relate-able. Friends fight, and they don't always agree on everything. But things don't always end all sunshine and roses too. Sometimes we just have to agree to disagree, but being able to tease your friend all while you accept and love them is something we all can relate to.

This book is incredible and a must read for everyone. This is setting up Captain Marvel to be one of the better series to come out of Civil War II. You may have disliked her during the event, but this redemption story is very down to earth and well deserved. 


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