Aquaman #13

by Ryan.L on December 21, 2016

Writer: Dan Abnett
Artist: Scot Eaton
Colorist: Gabe Eltaeb
Publisher: DC Comics

Things have not been going well for Arthur. N.E.M.O. lead by Black Manta is on an unrelenting course to take out Arthur and Atlantis. They have attacked the United States framing Atlantis. No matter what Arthur does no one believes they are innocent. Not even his fellow Justice League members.

This issue we get to see Arthur and the Justice League come to a head. They have been sent in to stop Atlantis by any means necessary. Can Arthur convince them that he and his nation have been framed? Or will this mean the end of the nation of Atlantis?

I really loved this issue a lot. This new direction of Aquman taking it more into a political thriller is just perfect. We still get all the action we have come to love from the series, but with the added political elements it is the prefect recipe for an epic story. We saw in previous issues some tension building between Superman and Aquaman. That continues here and even if they end up resolving things, I don't think these two will ever see eye to eye. 

This issue was a quick read but every moment was intense. Dan Abnett really was able to deliver some great action and drama while keeping a level of intensity throughout that really impressed me. I'm a huge fan of Aquaman and Abnett has me on the edge of my seat hoping that Atlantis comes out on top.

Scot Eaton blew me away with the art for this issue as well. every panel mirrored the intensity that Abnett's writing brought to us. Even in the smaller moments like where Merra is worrying the visions of the fall of the king are coming true held just as much intensity as the scenes where Aquaman is taking down a submarine, as shown in the detail of Mother Cetea's face.

This is an A+ series and this issue especially just raises the bar to a whole new level. Dan Abnett is following in Geoff Johns footsteps showing us that Aquaman is a contender and a top tier series! If you're not reading this book then you are really missing out.


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