Superman #13

by Ryan.L on December 21, 2016

Writer: Peter J. Tomasi, Patrick Gleason
Artist: Doug Mahnke
Colorist: Wil Quintana
Publisher: DC Comics

Frankenstein the bounty hunter has shown up to stop an alien hiding on earth. This alien has taken the place of Lois's friend Candice, and Superman needs to step in a sort everything out.

This issue we see Superman and Lois confront Frankenstein and the alien. But just when they thought they had everything sorted out, another Frankenstein shows up to claim the outlaw alien.

Ok I just have to be frank and honest, this issue was all sorts of bad. The writing in this book was just so terrible that I found myself getting bored reading it. The dialogue is not up to the level that has been set out in previous issues of this series. This story as a whole is one big cliche, and Superman even makes one of the worst jokes I've ever heard him utter "make like a sardine wile I finish shutting your can."

I like Superdad, but this is taking it too far. It's one thing to see him and Jon interact and Superman in the dad role, but now he's "parenting" two fighting Frankenstien? Come on seriously?! The thing that bothers me the most is filler issues and this Super-Monster story arc screams filler to me. There is nothing here that has propelled the over arcing story forward. Super-Monster is completely forgettable and thats unacceptable to me.

Covers are supposed to pull us into wanting to read a book, but this cover is awful. All three characters seem off and Superman's weirdly contorted body is plain awful. The interior art is just as bad and doesn't help the terrible writing. Sometimes one can save the other but when the writing and art is not up to standards then there is nothing that can save a book.

The only positive thing I can say about this book is that Super-Monster is only two issues and we are now onto a new arc and new artist. Hardcore fans will probably pick this one up anyways, but honestly I saw pass it over. you aren't going to miss anything starting up at the next story arc.


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