Tank Girl: Gold #3

by Ryan.L on December 20, 2016

Writer: Alan Martin
Artist: Brett Parson
Colorist: Ned Ivory
Publisher: Titan Comics

Tank Girl has been a wild ride of silly shenanigans. We had a gold heist, a crazy new sport and a filming of a new movie. Now things take a different pace and we focus on one of the best members of the Tank Girl gang, Jet Girl!

This issue is a few smaller stories focusing on Jet Girl. It's just as weird as we would expect from a Tank Girl book, but with Jet Girls unique take on things. The first story doesn't even have many words but Brett Parson's art tells the story so well it was one of my favorite moments from this issue. We really get to see the more sentimental side of Jet Girl and her relationship with Sub Girl.

Another thing that I loved about this issue that was so unique is the Jet Girl cut-out diorama! I read digital, but I so need to go buy a paper copy of this issue and cut-out the diorama and make up some of my own Jet Girl stories!! Thats such a cool idea and is another reason Alan Martin and Brett Parson are killing it with this series!

This is a must buy issue of Tank Girl. I've always been a big fan of Jet Girl so it's great to have an issue thats centered around her and her shenanigans. This is also a great book for new readers. It stands on it's own and isn't affected by the main story. I do encourage you to pick up the first two issue as well. 


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