Nova #1

by Ryan.L on December 07, 2016

Writer: Jeff Loveness, Ramon Perez
Artist: Ramon Perez
Colorist: Ian Herring
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Sam Alexander has been the reigning Nova for a while now. Formerly on the Avengers and now The Campions after he and a few other Avengers decided to quit due to the events in Civil War II.But everything is about to change.

This issue we see Sam living his daily life, saving lives while juggling school like any superhero teenager. This are going to change for Nova with the Return of Rich Rider. How and why has he returned we don't know yet, but there could be something else responsible. 

Not a lot happened in this debut issue of the new Nova series. We pretty much saw Sam cracking jokes and do what he has always done. Rich has returned but neither of these two have yet to interact with each other. We don't know why Rich is back and we just get to see him reminisce and remember how great it was to be Nova.

I didn't mind this issue but I felt it was aimed at a much younger audience. Trying to really capture the young school demographic rather than the older demographic that grew up reading Nova. There were a lot of jokes and silliness that was fun, but I found it hard to find anything of real substance. Usually when a character returns from the death it can be pretty dramatic, and I just didn't find that here.

Maybe a lot of the answers are being held for future issues, but I would have like a little bit more than just Rich and his nostalgia. This is a first issue, you need to grab us and get us hooked to want to buy more issues as they are release. I think the creative team missed the mark here a little bit and went too subtle.

The art work is bright and fun, just what I would expect from a comic aimed at a young demographic.It has a very cartoonish feel to it, and suits Sam. That being said I don't think it suits Rich and I can see the struggle this comic is going to have delivering a dynamic story featuring two very different characters.

If you're a big fan of Nova you will probably really enjoy this issue. I am new to Nova and their part of the Marvel Universe, and in turn felt a little lost. There was just not enough to help out a new reader. That being said it was an alright start and maybe it will pick up in future issues. But will that be too late?


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