All-New Wolverine #15

by Ryan.L on December 07, 2016

Writer: Tom Taylor
Artist: Djibril Morissette-Phan
Colorist: Michael Garland
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Someone dropped a trigger scent on Wolverine causing her to go berserk and murder an entire town. Now she's on a journey to find out who and stop them before they make her kill again. 

This issue we see Wolverine continue her journey to Madripoor to find who she suspects is responsible for dropping the trigger scent on her. Although old allies seem to have given her up and things aren't going so well for Wolverine and her team.

I'm not sure what happened but this once amazing fun series has recently gone from amazing to dud in just a few issues. It seems like after the Civil War II tie in issues the series has lost it's focus. It seems rushed and does not engage us into the story like it once did. This issue especially seemed like it was riddled with overly obvious plot points.

The jokes we have come to love from the series seem a little too forced and also far and few between now. I found myself getting board reading this issue because everything was painfully obvious of what was going to happen. All of the reveals had no weight to them and not even the characters themselves seemed to care. I mean when your dead sister is somehow a live, you think that would evoke a little more emotion from you, but alas it did not.

The art in this issue also was not up to the standards we are used too. The detail in the characters faces was a bit off and really took away from the story. I'm all for an artist having a unique look and style, but I found myself getting put off more than anything because they all just looked so odd and misshaped. 

We are only a few issues into Enemy of the State II and unfortunately I have to say pass on it. The series is not what it used to be and this story arc has little to nothing to do with the original Enemy of the State which is a disappointment. Maybe it will pick itself back up and get better, but I'm not holding my breath. 


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