Inhumans vs X-Men #0

by Ryan.L on November 30, 2016

Writer: Charles Soule
Artist: Kenneth Rocafort
Colorist: Dan Brown
Publisher: Marvel Comics

The terrigen mist has been traveling the world causing the spawn of new Inhumans, but in the same time killing mutants. Previously in Death of X we saw the Inhumans and the X-Men come together in a confrontation resulting in the death of Cyclops as well as Alchemy. 

The X-Men managed to stop one of the clouds permanently changing it's physiology. It no longer can kill mutants, but it also cannot make new Inhumans either.

The two sides have made a truce, and Beast says it best "I know that a truce is not peace. it means there's a ticking clock in the background all the time." and thus we are thrust into our new event Inhumans vs X-Men.

This issue we get to see Beast working with the Inhuman Iso. They are diligently working on finding a way to deal with the final remaining terrigen cloud in a way that will benefit both the Inhumans and the mutants. Both sides though don't seem to be too positive about this and are preparing for the inevitable. Medusa even calls to her generals to inform them of Beasts lack of progress and encourage them to prepare for "the day will come when the mutants will lose their patience with him, with us, and with this truce." Emma Frost sets out with a secret plan letting Storm know "Don't worry darling, Emma's here to save the day."

Marvel has not being doing well with their major events lately and Death of X turned out to be nothing but a let down. So I went into IVX with a lot of hesitation. 

This issue started out strong though, the art is really well done, crisp and with lots of detail. Also the characters are written well and in character this time. There are no moments where I was yelling at the book "Magik wouldn't act like that or say that!" or "That's not Emma's personality!!" like I did with Death of X.

Yes this issue did seem to be yet more filler and setup, and we already had 4 issues of Death of X which turned out to me nothing but setup for this series, but it worked this time. We got enough answers to some of our questions in this issue that I was satisfied and engaged into the story finally. Also I really enjoyed how it went over the past many months to give us updates on what has been happening bringing us to current day. 

This is just issue #0 so we will have to wait until December 14th for the real kick off to this event, but I am already now finding that I am now excited for this event after reading this issue.

For those that didn't read Death of X not to worry. This issue will give you all the information you will need to be up to date on the story. This is sure to be a crazy ride so huray up and get on board, and hold on for dear life!

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