Death of X #4

by Ryan.L on November 23, 2016

Writer: Charles Soule, Jeff Lemire
Artist: Aaron Kuder, Javier Garron
Colorist: Morry Hollowell, Jay david Ramos
Publisher: Marvel Comics

The Inhumans and the X-Men come head to head in the battle that has been escalating for a while now. Magneto has stepped in to assist the X-Men in their plans to deal with the terrigen cloud that is traveling the globe killing mutants.

This issue we see Cyclops plan in full swing. The Inhumans are not impressed with that plan and try to stop them the only way they know how. The battle gets underway and we have some casualties. Secrets are revealed that propel the story forward to next weeks Inhumans vs X-Men event.

Ok this series has been pretty awful so far. While this last issue of the series is better it doesn't make up for the rest of it being so terrible. I really feel that this four issue series could have been condensed into an over sized one-shot. It was stretched out so much that it really lost me and I stopped caring about what was going to happen.

There are moments in this book where I started to get excited. Finally characters where acting like themselves and we were finally getting a payoff to the build up over the last three issues. But that all ended quickly. Just as and exciting moment where Cyclops confronts Medusa and Black Bolt it's over. Fast forward to the aftermath and some secrets come out that Emma Frost has been hiding that set up the next event. I was so frustrated that this series has been jerking us a long for four issues now and it couldn't even deliver a fulfilling ending.

The art in this book also had moments where the characters looked really odd. That some of their expressions seemed over exaggerated and weird. While mostly better than the last three issues it still is a pretty big fail in my opinion.

This series has me worried about the next event starting next week. This was all obviously just setup for that, but with the lack of substance here it doesn't give me high hopes that Inhumans vs X-Men will have any.


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