Jessica Jones #2

by Ryan.L on November 16, 2016

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: Michael Gaydos
Colorist: Matt Hollingsworth
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Jessica Jones was in jail but now is back in New York and continuing her work as a private investigator. Luke Cage isn't impressed with her as he wants to know what their child is.

This issue we get to see more of Luke Cage confronting Jessica about where their child is. These two have always had a great relationship and have been a flagship showing that you can be a hero and also have a loving relationship. That doesn't seem to be the case any longer though.

I mostly enjoyed this issue. I liked seeing the conflict between Jessica and Luke continue. We don't really know much as to why Jessica was in jail or why Luke doesn't know where their child is. These are answers that knowing Bendis we wont find out for a while yet. 

We get glimpse into the past of when she got pregnant and how much that freaked her out. Its funny to see how calm he was then and now how the tables have turned and he is raging because she wont tell him where his daughter is.

Where this issue lost me was when we get to see Jessica and her daughter interact. the tone of the book seemed to shift at that moment and I wasn't a fan of that. Also Jessica's mother makes an appearance in this issue. From my understanding she was dead. When Jessica got her powers the rest of her family was killed. Could this be an adoptive mother or just someone she calls mom? Or could this be classic Bendis ignoring continuity yet again? He has been well known to do that in the past and is a reason many are not a fan of his writing. We don't know anything yet and will just need to keep reading to find out.

Even though there were moments I was questioning this series and Bendis, but by the end it managed to grab me again and get me excited for the next issue. I'm a huge fan of Jessica Jones and can't recommend this book enough. It's a nice dark and gritty book that is very different form everything else out on the market. If you enjoyed the Netflix show, then you will enjoy this series.


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