Trinity #3

by Ryan.L on November 16, 2016

Writer: Francis Manapul
Artist: Clay Mann
Colorist: Brad Anderson
Publisher: DC Comics

Batman, Superman & Wonder Woman are still in the clenches of Poison Ivy and under her spell in some kind of communal dream.

This issue our trinity continue to wonder where they are and whats happening. We get a bit more of a focus on Batman and his past this time. Who is Poison Ivy working with? We don't know yet or even what her reasons are.

I have mixed feelings about this issue. Taking the focus from Superman which that last two issue did and now focus more on another of our trinity helped to take this from feeling like a Superman book to actually being a trinity book. We really get to see our heroes work together and build the bond that's going to help make them stronger.

Where I had problems with this issue was Batman. He has been brooding about his parents death since 1939. We get it, they're dead. This issue hits Batman really hard and it is full of him brooding and whining over their deaths. When Superman was thrust into seeing his dead father in the last two issues it worked for me. Those two centered more around Superman cherishing this moment than being reduced to tears. Even though Batman has been brooding for decades it seems to always have fueled him to keep going. This issue though he collapses and is more distraught than anything. It was a constant throughout the issue and really ended up losing me by the end.

The second thing that I found was a negative about the issue was it went by too quickly. Not much seemed to happen and because Batman's brooding was so apparent in this issue I was left feeling like thats all we got. There were some great moments at the end of the issue, but not enough to make up for the rest of the issue. 

Overall though this is a great series and the art is incredible. This issue may not have been as good, but I do have high hopes it will pick up again and continue to be one of the best books DC is releasing. 


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