All-New Wolverine #14

by Ryan.L on November 16, 2016

Writer: Tom Taylor
Artist: Nick Virella
Colorist: Michael Garland, Jesus Aburtov
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Enemy of the State II continues after someone releases Wolverine's trigger scent and she decimates an entire town. 

This issue we see Wolverine dealing with the after effects of her uncontrollable actions. S.H.I.E.L.D shows to stop Wolverine before she kills again, but Wolverine wants to go after who she thinks dropped the trigger scent on her.

I found this issue to be alright. We get a little bit of answers to what happened and a little bit of who did it. The best parts of the issue though were Gabby and her hilarious comments. Laura is always so serious and Gabby continues to exploit that and make constant jokes about everything. This make the otherwise somewhat lackluster story a lot more fun.

This series has been really fun since the beginning. But as of the current story arc it has become more of a dud in my opinion. Also I don't see any connection to the original Enemy of the State to justify this being called Enemy of the State II.

Someone came dropped the trigger scent and caused Wolverine to kill everyone in a town. But by issue number two she's back to normal and wants to find who did this to her. In the original Enemy of the State Wolverine was taken control of by the Hand and sent out to kill major players in the Marvel Universe. The entire story arc was centered around that and I don't see any of that here in this story arc. All I see is that they used the name to an iconic Wolverine story to get people who loved the original to pick this one up. It's basically just a cash grab.

There is no substance or anything to really get you invested in the story as of yet. With it being two issues into the story arc we should have at least have a little big more to keep us engaged.

The artwork in this book is also just adequate. Nothing amazing but it's also not terrible either.

This issue is nothing amazing but if you are a fan of Wolverine and are already following the series you might enjoy it. This wouldn't be my first pick for the week. But if you have some extra money and are curious about All-New Wolverine, pick it up and hopefully it will find it's groove again soon.


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