Supergirl #3

by Ryan.L on November 09, 2016

Writer: Steve Orlando
Artist: Brian Ching
Colorist: Michael Atiyeh
Publisher: DC Comics

Cyborg Superman is Zor-El?! Supergirl heads to meet up with her father on the newly rebuilt Argo city, but can it be true, is her home back?

At first I wasn't on board with this series. It felt too much like it was the TV show but the comic book version. It never had its own voice, and I have always been a firm believer that the TV shows and movies should take it's lead from the comics not the other way around. Well after the Rebirth issue and then issue one and two of the series I am starting to come around to it. Yes I can't read Cat Grant without seeing Calista Flockhart but it works, it really works.

I'm not a fan of the TV series, it's way too campy for my taste. But what the series did was set a really good tone for the comics to then adopt. There is still an element of camp, but I found in issue two and three things went a lot deeper and I really found myself caring for the characters.

This issue everything about Cyborg Superman is revealed. We get a look into his history and why he has always been one of Supergirls major villains, but  then also turn out to be her father. Does he have the right intentions with bringing Argo City back, or is that itchy feeling that Kara has correct and there is something else a foot here? Steve Orlando has done a really good job at really pulling us into the story. This so could have gone the route of "Luke I am your father" rip off, but once we find out how and why it all makes sense and definitely not just another sad ripoff. 

One thing I did find that for me the star of this issue and slowly the series is Cat Grant. She is definitely very engaging and I want more! She has gone from gossip columnist to media mogul. We find that in this issue also kind of like DC's version of Tony Stark influencing young minds. She's powerful, she's got attitude and I can't wait to see her put Kara through the ringer and then some.

This series is so different from most of what DC has been releasing lately and Brian Ching's art is one of those reasons. It's got this great mix of camp, edge, and drama. I love how bright and almost cartoony it is but when things get series you really see the change in Ching's art. Every page is gorgeous and I feel that Orlando and Ching are a great comic book team. I can't wait to see more from these two.

If you haven't picked up this series it's still early. Go pick up the past few issues and check this one out. It's finding it's voice, and what a voice it is.


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