Avengers #1

by Ryan.L on November 02, 2016

Writer: Mark Waid
Artist: Mike del Mundo
Colorist: Mike del Mundo, Marco D’alfonso
Publisher: Marvel Comics
So with Marvel Now! in full swing we get a new Avengers book. Civil War II has shaken up the status quo and our new team consists of Captain America (Sam Wilson), Wasp, Thor, Vision, Spider-Man and Hercules.
So to start off with I have mixed feelings about this book and series. This wouldn’t be my choice for a team but Mark Waid is one of my top favourite writers and if anyone could get me engaged into characters I never had interest in before, he certainly can and does a great job of it in this book.
This book was so much fun and there was a good amount of comedy to make it not so serious. This Captain America has seemed like he had a stick up his butt lately but Waid really shows us that he has a lighter side as well. This book is a lot of setup for a new beginning for the team post-Civil War II. Unlike some of the other new titles for Marvel Now! this one does a great job at not giving away any spoilers since we are still in the middle of the big event this series is supposed to follow.
This book just jumps right into the action and then takes us along to the building of a new Avengers team. I’m interested in reading more of Nadia the Wasp. She seems like a great addition to the team and a new different Wasp than Janet the original Wasp.
Mike del Mundo’s art is amazing. Every page just looks like a painting and is incredible to look at. I love the color choice, and the construction of the panel layout really brings a unique dynamic to the story. Del Mundo has this intensity to his art and a grandiose. Everything about it feels epic and I really like that.
So with all that being said I found a major disconnect between the writing and the art. Mark Waid has a very comedic style of writing. That being mixed with Mike del Mundo’s serious art didn’t seem to connect. I found myself looking at panels where the joke was just lost. I envision del Mundo’s art paired with an epic story, that the stakes are so high and every moment is intense. Where Waid writes more light heartedly and so seeing his writing complimented by an artist that has a similar style to his writing would have worked a lot better.
Both the story and the art on their own are absolutely top notch and amazing. But together it is just not working for me and so it made it hard for me to really get into the story. It may take me time to grow into it, but I do have high hopes for the series.


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