The Unworthy Thor #1

by Ryan.L on November 02, 2016

Writer: Jason Aaron
Artist: Olivier Coipel
Colorist: Matthew Wilson
Publisher: Marvel Comics
After the events of Original Sin (2014), Thor dropped his hammer and could not pick it up again. He became the Unworthy Thor and going by just the name Odinson. I’ve never been a fan of Thor, even new female Thor didn’t interest me at all. I saw the ads for this mini-series and I was instantly intrigued.
This mini-series does have a lot of build-up, but reading the first issue I didn’t feel lost at all. Jason Aaron did a great job and introducing new readers to the current events of Odinson while still making the story engaging for long-time readers. I had read Original Sin but nothing about Thor or Odinson since. Aaron has many references to past events but he lets us know what to go back and read to find out what happened there.
The other thing that really drew me into the story was the perfect amount of comedy Aaron brings to the story. Odinson is not in a good place, and this story really gets into his head. Odinson makes some pretty sarcastic jokes that really made me chuckle. Also I loved Tooth Gnasher! I hope we get to see more of him because he was hilarious, even though he was just a goat. This issue really made me think that if this is what Thor books have been like then I really have been missing out.
Sometimes the first issue of a mini-series doesn’t give us much but that of an introduction to the characters and the current story. Many times we are only left with the cliff-hanger at the end to keep holing us, and making us wanting more. This issue is not like that at all. I felt the entire story was engaging and well thought out. I found myself really pulled into the action and cheering for Odinson. Nothing in the issue was a surprise as the plot was very openly advertised for the series, but as the events seemed to unfold I still found myself interested and wondering more about how, why and also where.
Olivier Coipel’s art is stunning to look at. Every page I was blown away with the detail and Matthew Wilson’s colors set the perfect tone for the book as well. Coipel’s art was probably what most made me interested in this series, and wow did he not disappoint at all.
Even if you haven’t read much Thor or if you are Thor’s number one fan I highly suggest picking up this issue. It was so much fun and beautiful to look at. Odinson is on a journey to reclaim who he once was, and wow we are off to an impressive start to that journey. This may only be a five issue mini-series but this series could end up being a definitive moment in Thor’s history that you’re not going to want to miss.


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