Black Widow #7

by Ryan.L on October 19, 2016

Writer: Mark Waid, Chris Samnee
Artist: Chris Samnee
Colorist: Matthew Wilson
Publisher: Marvel Comics

What can I say other than that this issue blew my mind! This has been an outstanding series and this issue just raised the bar even more.

Even when the Weeping Lion thought he had Natasha she managed to come out a head and now she is using him to get back at old enemies. This issue is really engaging and we get to see some of the Weeping lion's past and why he has issue with Black Widow.

I really enjoyed Weeping Lion as a character and how he interacts with Natasha. These two don't like each other but they actually work really well together. He is a bit of a brat and really challenges her. The struggle she has trying to keep him in check really made me chuckle.

This issue also dives more into Natasha's past as well and I feel like the series as a whole is becoming the definitive Black Widow series that is really defining her character. Bringing in a message to be strong and overcome your fears without doubting yourself. When people ask my why I love Black Widow so much I can now give them this issue to read because it shows exactly why I love her and how amazing of a character she is.

The action, comedy and pacing in this issue is absolutely incredible. Every single page just completely had a hold of me and brought me into the story. The art is on point and has a really edgy tone to it that works perfect for the story and characters. This issue just left me saying wow!

I would argue that this issue is the best comic I have read all year and one of the best series as well. If you haven't been following this series you definitely need to start picking it up.


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