Trinity #2

by Ryan.L on October 19, 2016

Writer: Francis Manapul
Artist: Francis Manapul
Colorist: Francis Manapul
Publisher: DC Comics

At first when I started reading this issue I was getting a little bored with the whole time travel thing. It's something in comics I have never been a huge fan of. But this time it has it's moments that I did end up really enjoying.

I'm a big Superman fan and there are moments between Clark and his father that I really found touching. Yes this issue in particular really feels more like a Superman story rather than a Trinity story, but it's still just the beginning. It's going to take something profound to bond these three together and build the Trinity we have come to know and love.

Francis Manapul has managed to deliver a really intriguing story with some big twists at the end of this issue that seem to come out of left field. But these twist have pulled me right in and I want to know more. I loved how everything I thought was happening is not actually happening and there is something entirely different at foot here.

I applaud when a writer can take an unconventional villain and deliver an engaging story and show that this villain is a formidable adversary for our heroes. Manapul has definitely opened the door to this when his choice of villain revealed at the end of this issue. It got me looking back at the first issue a realizing the hints woven throughout the story there. This book excited me with hopes of an epic story like 2003's Batman Hush.

This books pages are absolutely stunning and one of the most beautifully drawn books on the market. I love the soft palate he has chosen and the detail in each panel is incredible.

This is a must read book and definitely one of the better books on the market. Yes it is more of a Superman book for now, but there are so many twists and surprises in store for us I don't think that will last for long and we will finally have our Trinity.


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