Infamous Iron Man #1

by Ryan.L on October 19, 2016

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: Alex Maleev
Colorist: Matt Hollingsworth
Publisher: Marvel Comics

One thing I have always had problems with big events is that many times there are big delays which happen part way through an event. This causes it to get pushed back and the new line of comics to come out  end up coming out before the event has finished. This is the case with Civil War II and the many new series that are starting to now roll out including Infamous Iron Man. 

This new series had me really intrigued. Was Doctor Doom reforming into a hero or is there something else that is up his sleeve? Starting this book I was a little lost as it is a Civil War II aftermath and we are only half way through Civil War so most of the events this book refers too haven't happened yet. So then this book kinda straddles spoiler territory in a way. 

The adds for this book talk about how Tony Stark failed and Victor will succeed. Also on the page where we find out the creative team behind the book and get a little blurb about the book it says that Civil War II had dire consequences for Tony leaving Doom's mysterious mission unfinished. So does this mean that Tony died? This book hints at many things but it doesn't completely give us solid answers. But I have to say it left me feeling like the end of Civil War II has been spoiled and with it being such a lackluster event, should I event bother finishing it now that I have a good idea of what the end result is going to be? 

So with the books spoilers aside, I did actually enjoy this book and it really pulled me in. Doctor Doom has always been a really amazing character and I'm excited to see what he is getting up too. Especially since his face was fixed from the scarred version it used to be to now a normal looking man post Secret Wars.

This book does have a very strong Superior Spider-Man feel to it, but I'm alright with that because it has intrigued me enough to want to keep reading and find out if Doom's intentions are true or not. We don't get to find out what his mysterious mission is as of yet either, only that he will now pick up the mantle of Iron Man, but why pick up the mantle instead of just being a reformed version of himself? 

I did enjoy how Bendis managed to keep Doom's pompous better than thou attitude even as he is reforming into a hero. The way that he talks is still very condescending and if we had lost that I don't think this series would have worked.

I'm excited that we get treated to Alex Maleev's amazing art for this series. His unique style is absolutely perfect for Doom and his journey of reforming to a hero. It has a dark edgy tone to it but a hopeful optimism that I feel works very well with the character.

I was pleasantly surprised with what Bendis has delivered here. This series is shaping up to be really fun and a solid series.I definitely recommend picking this one up, but be aware that this does have some Civil War II spoilers in it.

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