The Flash #8

by Ryan.L on October 12, 2016

Writer: Joshua Williamson
Artist: Carmine Di Giandomenico
Colorist: Ivan Plascencia
Publisher: DC Comics

Its Godspeed vs the Flash the final battle and who’s going to come out on top? Also Wallace finally steps up and takes the mantle of Kid Flash.

I really enjoyed this issue, and I think it was a good ending to this incredible story arc. I was expecting an explosive ending because of all the buildup we were getting, but that’s not the kind of ending we got. It was a little more subtle and emotional. 

This issue felt like a buddy book. It really delved deeper into Barry and August’s relationship, and also the blooming relationship of Barry and Wally. If the story hadn’t gotten us so invested in the relationships I don’t think this ending would have had the payoff it did. It really changes how you take down a villain when they ae your best friend. We really get to see Barry wrestle with that and try to come up with a plan, especially since August is faster than he is.

I’m not always on board with a hero needing a sidekick, but Joshua Williamson really shows us why Barry needs Wally and how well they work together. We will hopefully still get many stories where Barry is on his own and Wally is off doing something else, but at least when Wally shows up in this series he’s not weighing down the story like some sidekicks or protégé can.

I also really enjoy how when you’re not expecting it Williamson will tease us with a surprise. That in a panel or two just like the Flash it’s there and then gone just as quick, leaving us wondering and also excited for what’s to come.

Looks like this is our last issue for a while where we get treated to Carmine Di Giandomenico’s beautiful art, he is staying on to do the covers which is awesome, but we will have some new blood on the interior art for the next several issues. This does make me a little sad as I love Di Giandomenico’s look and style for the Flash. Hopefully whoever is taking over can live up to the standards that Gi Diandomenico set.

This first arc has been outstanding and it makes me really excited for the next arc. If you haven’t been reading the Flash then I can’t express enough that you should pick up the back issues and get caught up.  This is one of my picks for the best series being released by DC.


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