The Clone Conspiracy #1

by Ryan.L on October 12, 2016

Writer: Dan Slott
Penciler: Jim Cheung
Colorist: Justin Ponsor
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Spider-man has not had a blessed life. Many people close to him have lost their lives in his battles with his greatest foes. Now Dead No More: The Clone Conspiracy is upon us and many are speculating what that means. Especially with the dead no more part.
Who could be coming back to life? The obvious answers would be Uncle Ben or Gwen Stacy. But there are so many others that it could potentially be. Something tells me that this story is going to have a lot of twists and turns.
This story started off a little slow for me and took awhile to really get moving. I have never really read Spider-Man before and this book had me looking up who characters were so I wasn’t completely lost. I know all the obvious characters, like Parker, MJ, Aunt May, J Jonah Jameson but there were some others that seemed important that I had no clue who they were.
Once the story got going it was a lot of fun and there were even some moments where I was a little creeped out with some of the experiments. I even found myself shocked when we found out who came back to life. Even though I who doesn’t read Spider-books saw this coming Dan Slotts pulled it off in a way that I was still shocked and surprised when I flipped the page and there the character was.
Before I started reading this issue I looked at the page count and it a pretty large issue. I was a little confused because there were still a lot more pages after the big reveal and it said to be continued. That was because Slotts was treated us to another story. One that dives into how this character came back to life. Which is cool and something we were definitely going to want to know, but I felt a bit cheated. I would have rather the story of how come later. Keep us guessing for awhile than tell us right away. It kinda takes the conspiracy out of the story in my opinion. That being said there has got to be a lot more coming if Slotts is willing to give up this information this soon.
This book has some really good looking pages. Jim Cheungs pencils are great, but I found them a little bit rough in some places. Mostly in the early pages is where I found it rough but once we really get into the story the pages are fantastic.
This book was a lot of fun and those spider-fans out there will definitely enjoy it. If you are a new reader like me and want to check it out. You might want to do a little bit of research into Parkers current life so you are not completely lost when you pick this book up.


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