Superwoman #3

by Ryan.L on October 12, 2016

Writer: Phil Jimenez
Artist: Emanuela Lupacchino
Colorist: Hi-Fi
Publisher: DC Comics

I originally had my apprehension to this series when it was announced, but after reading the first issue I was completely sold on it. That first issue was so much fun and really well written. There was great dynamics between the characters, and it gave me high hopes for the series.

We are only three issues into the series and already we are seeing a huge decline in quality. This issue especially I found extremely boring and jumped back and forth between the two storylines too much. What made Superwoman engaging seemed to be killed off in the first issue along with Lois Lane.  There is a lot of dialogue and exposition in this issue and I feel that it weighs the story down. 

Overall there was too much going on to really be engaged into the entire story. Lex and Lena’s story, even though it was the B-story and setup for a larger inevitable story seemed to battle for being the main focus of this issue than be the filler stretching out the main story.

One thing that I have applauded comics for is there current push for diversity. But that being said sometimes it is a little bit forced. Instead of creating new characters we are getting female versions of existing characters. The first few were great but now after many more it no longer holds the weight it used too. You knew Superwoman was going to eventually have a female villain but I really was hoping for a completely new character. But at the end of this issue when you see our villain in Lex Luther’s old green armour he wore for so many years to go up against Superman but now a woman is wearing it, I groaned with annoyance. I think this series would have benefitted from this new villain having their own unique look instead of copying a previous villain.

The art in this issue just seemed to be off as well. It doesn’t hold as much punch as it did in the first issue. Possibly because of the overabundance of dialogue and exposition it just gets drowned out. Some of the pages just seem to blend together in their color palates. Lana’s pages an over use of reds, oranges and yellows, Lex’s pages tons of purples, blues and greens.

I almost think that this series should have been separated into two separate series as they are trying to do too much in one book. Originally this book started out to be Lana and Lois with Lex tossed in a bit. Now the book is 50/50 Lana and Lex fighting for top billing. I was a big fan but this series has all but lost me now. I don’t know how many more issues I can give this one before I completely give up on it. Now that our main villain has appeared maybe things will pick up, but I don’t have high hopes on that.


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