All-New Wolverine #13

by Ryan.L on October 08, 2016

Writer: Tom Taylor
Penciller: Nik Virella
Colorist: Michael Garland
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Back in 2004 Mark Millar brought us Enemy of the State, and it rocked the Marvel Universe and some didn’t come out alive. For those that have not read it the Hand managed to capture and brainwash Wolverine and then sent him through the Marvel Universe slashing friends and foes.
Now Tom Taylor brings us Enemy of the State II and this Wolverine is in serious trouble. When she was created as a weapon there was a trigger scent that was created that causes her to go into a berserk rage and kill anything in sight. So far it seems like Laura has been free of her creators, but that all might change.
I was excited for this story as the original Enemy of the State was an incredible story. It’s a lot to live up too, and I am really wondering how the two will be similar other than just reusing the name. This issue starts off pretty fun, with Laura and Gabby and their humorous interactions. I really enjoy these two together and I’m glad Gabby managed to make it through the battle with Old Man Logan.
I found this issue to be a lot of setup for the story and really didn’t deliver much other than the surprise but not really a surprise when you think about it ending. Taylor really left us guessing who is actually behind everything. Will it be the Hand like in the original Enemy of the State? Or will Wolverines creators be the ones who are responsible? We never actually get to see anything and it’s more of like a teaser at the end of what’s to come.
Will this story send All-New Wolverine through the Marvel Universe slashing and stabbing friends, foes and completely innocent people or will it be contained to a certain area? I worry that with Civil War II still ongoing another story that pits heroes against heroes might not be received as well. Fans have been making comments about how exhausted they are from the constant stories that pit heroes against each other. That being said what made the original Enemy of the State so successful was because the stakes were so high and it involved all of the Marvel Universe. We even had a high profile character die. If this story is more contained to a smaller part of the universe it may get lost in the shuffle.
Although I have many questions and I’m sure others do as well, one way to tell that a story is successful is if it causes debate and asks questions, and this issue certainly did that. No matter how you cut it this issue pulled me right in and I am eager to see where things go. It has everything we have come to know and love from the series.
We do get some back story of how Laura was created in this issue but I highly recommend picking up the 2005 X-23: Innocence Lost miniseries as well as 2006 X-23: Target X to get fully up to date on her origins.
Overall I really did enjoy this issue, but I do have high expectations for the story arc. It is a little too soon, but we are off to a pretty good start. I do recommend picking this one up and this is also a great jumping on point for new readers.


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