Doctor Strange Annual #1

by Ryan.L on September 30, 2016

Writer: Kathryn Immonen, Robbie Thompson
Artist: Leonardo Romero, Jonathan Marks Brravecchia
Colorist: Jordie Bellaire, Lee Loughridge
Publisher: Marvel Comics
It’s already been a year since this highly acclaimed series was launched and what a crazy ride it has been. We now get treated to the first of hopefully many annuals.
When I started reading this issue I just assumed it was the same creative team we have had since the beginning. But once I got in a few pages it just felt off and then I noticed we have a completely new creative team for the annual. The story wasn’t bad, it just felt like issue #11 where the flow was just not what we have come to know with the series and the plot for this issue didn’t seem to contribute to the overall story at all.
It was nice to see Clea again and I did find myself wondering what happened to her during this big magic battle. That being said as much as they kind of told us what she was doing, they really didn’t. This issue seemed more like a divorced couple thrown together again and that can’t stop arguing.
Annuals have never been big issues that can’t be missed. Many times they’re used to shed light on a plot point that was brought up in the main story and to sometimes give a tease to what’s to come. In this annual we do get treated to a second story that is a teaser for the new series Doctor Strange and the Sorcerer Supremes. I found myself wishing that this annual was just the teaser second story and that it didn’t have the story with Clea in it.
Even the artwork in the second story was over and above better than the first story. I loved Jonathan Marks Brravecchia’s painted art. It was so gorgeous to look at and gave another unique style to all the mystic arts.
Overall this is an alright annual. The second story is where all the substance is and the better part of this two story annual. That being said this is not a must read and I doubt it will have much impact on the story if one was to skip it altogether.


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