The Flash #7

by Ryan.L on September 28, 2016

Writer: Joshua Williamson
Artist: Carmine Di Giandomenico
Colorist: Ivan Plascencia
Publisher: DC Comics

I’ve always thought the Flash was an interesting character. I read my first Flash books when DC’s The New 52 launched, but that series just couldn’t hold my attention. So after a couple issues I stopped reading it. The character though when he would pop up in other books, or movies always interested me and I wanted to read more about him, but I just never found a story that intrigued me enough until now.

I was seeing online that there was a lot of buzz about this new villain and his popularity was exploding. Maybe this was finally the story to pull me into the Flash’s section of the DCU. In one night I binge read through all 7 issues and the rebirth issue. The internet buzz wasn’t kidding, this series is amazing.

Joshua Williamson has taken an old concept of creating copies of a main hero but done in such a fresh new way that it really works. There have always been Flash villains that were also speedsters, but Godspeed is such a fresh new take on this that it doesn’t seem like the same old same. To take one of the Flash’s best friends and turn him into a villain is genius. But that being said is Godspeed really a villain? Yes he kills, but he’s still a cop. He knows the law, and maybe that’s why he works so well as an engaging character. Killing has always been a fine line in comics with heroes. Some vow that it is a necessary evil, but does that make the character evil? Williamson is taking us on a crazy journey that asks this specific question. There have been many times in this issue especially where I found myself cheering Godspeed on and instead the Flash. 

Godspeed really challenges the Flash and his beliefs. They started off as best friends and that is still very apparent while they battle it out. This issue you get to see their beliefs really come head to head. Who’s right and who’s wrong? It’s a very subjective topic and both really make their points in this issue. I really found myself going back and forth not sure who I agreed with. 

The other thing that I really enjoy about this book is that it has a very detective feel to it mixed in with the traditional superhero. It really gives the Flash a unique style all his own. Barry Allen is a CSI agent and if we never got to see that, he having such a strong stance on criminals deserving due process wouldn’t feel as organic to the character. Williamson really has been able to bring both aspects of the Flash’s life into a perfect marriage that sets him aside from his fellow DC heroes.

So not only is the story amazing, this series is also absolutely gorgeous to look at. Carmine Di Giandomenico’s art is stunning. Ivan Plascencia’s colors just take the art to an even higher level. Seeing the light streaks come off of all the speedsters in their own unique ways is so eye catching. Di Giandomenico really knows how to focus your attention to specific parts of each panel as well. I love how Di Giandomenico made the background a lot softer and have it kind of blur together while the characters are all very crisp, then increasing the blur of the background when the speedsters are running. The colors really just pop off the page when Flash and Godspeed are going at it, and I found myself with this issue especially flipping through it a few times after reading it cause the art work was just so stunning.

Pick this book up, there is nothing like it on the market and it really shouldn’t be missed. Thank you Joshua Williamson for now making me a Flash fan and even more a Godspeed fan!


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