Wonder Woman #7

by Ryan.L on September 28, 2016

Writer: Greg Rucka
Artist: Nicola Scott
Colors: Romulo Fajardo JR.
Publisher: DC Comics

So when Wonder Woman was placed on my desk, I was a little apprehensive at first. I remember reading that with this series the odd numbered issues would be a current story while the even numbered issues would be a re-tell of her origin story. This seemed like it could go either really well or crash and burn hard.

I started to read the series from the beginning and wow was I pleasantly surprised, Greg Rucka was successfully pulling it off. In two days I managed to binge read through all 6 issues because I just couldn’t put it down. Even with having two separate stories happening at the same time, I had no problems following along. 

One of the things that really stood out for me was in “Year One” the re-tell of Diana’s origin we get nods to things that are happening in “The Lies”. For example Steve has a really quirky picture of Diana and his friend and fellow soldier tells him he should get a better one. They never really tell us why Steve likes this picture so much, he just says “yea maybe I should.” But then in this issue of the “Year One” story we see the moment when the picture is taken and it all then makes sense why it has so much sentimental value to Steve. Its small things like this that really make these two stories connect together.

I’ve always seen Diana as a very strong and somewhat cold character. In “The Lies” I still get that feeling from her but “Year One” Rucka is showing us this doe eyed Diana. It’s so cute and I couldn’t stop chuckling at seeing her struggle in the modern world. The cover to this issue is a perfect embodiment of that young doe eyed Diana.

Greg Rucka’s incredible story isn’t the only thing shining with this series. We have Liam Sharp doing the odd numbered issues and Nicola Scott doing the even numbered issues. These two have very distinct styles but that works so perfectly to differentiate the two stories. Nicola Scott’s art for this issue especially blew me away. The amount of detail in each characters expression is amazing. Scott has truly crafted a gorgeous book for us to enjoy. 

This series is absolutely perfect to bring in new readers like myself but it also has lots to offer the long-time readers. DC is on fire with Rebirth and we can’t be more proud that they have lived up to all the promises.  So what are you doing go to your local comic book store or your digital comic app and get this series, you won’t be disappointed. Wonder Woman is one of or an argument could be raised that it’s the best series being released from DC.


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