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Aliens: Life and Death #1

by Ryan.L on September 21, 2016

Writer: Dan Abnett
Artist: Moritat
Colors: Rain Beredo
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
I’ve been a huge fan of the Alien franchise since I was a little kid. There’s something about it that just intrigues me and I can’t get enough. Dark Horse has brought us an epic story spanning Predator, Prometheus and Aliens called Life and Death. This is chapter nine in the full story and the first issue in the Aliens portion.
Right off the bat we are thrown into the action from what you would expect from a story that ties into the 1986 movie. This story takes place approximately forty-three years after the movie and it feels like we never left. There are aliens everywhere or bugs as the marines call them. It’s a stand against an onslaught and Dan Abnett really captures the intensity and fear that each one of the characters must be feeling. To be stuck on a planet like LV-223 would be incredibly terrifying and you can sense that in this book.
This story was a quick read but every moment was organic and really pulled you into the story. You felt like you were there in the thick of it with them, on edge as another swarm of bugs could show up at anytime. Abnett leaves us wanting more which is perfect for a series like this.
The art for this book is so stylized and perfect. It gives it such a unique look and feeling that I enjoyed seeing the aliens and all the carnage that ensued from the battle.
If you haven’t picked up this series I highly suggest you give it a try. This is an epic story and one that should not be missed. Go to your local comic book store or app and pick this one up along with the previous installments in Predator: Life and Death, and Prometheus: Life and Death.


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