Raven #1

by Ryan.L on September 21, 2016

Writer: Marv Wolfman
Artist: Alisson Borges
Colorist: Blond
Publisher: DC Comics
What happens when you take the daughter of the devil and put her in a San Francisco high school? Well in this miniseries about Raven from the Teen Titans we get to find out.
Raven has always been a socially awkward character and very weird. I really enjoyed seeing them take her and put her in a high school setting. At first the story seemed a bit forced and awkward but that is so much how this character is and so it works really well. You really get to see Raven’s uneasiness with everything and how this bright bubbly world is so foreign to her.
It’s almost surprising that this is only a miniseries and not a full series. I could see many kids really identifying with Raven from how she is an outsider. Maybe if this miniseries is successful Raven will be granted her own ongoing series. Until then we get to have Wolfman guide us through the new path for Raven and how she is going to keep her other life a secret from her new life.
Alisson Borges delivers some stunning pages in this series. The pencils are incredible and Blond’s colors just pop off the page. Raven is a dark character and throwing her into this bright and bubbly world is such a great contrast.
This miniseries is off to a great start and I highly recommend you picking it up. Raven is such a unique character and it’s nice to finally see her get some love, even if it’s just for a miniseries.


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