All-New Wolverine #12

by Ryan.L on September 21, 2016

Writer: Tom Taylor
Pencils: Ig Guara
Colors: Michael Garland
Publisher: Marvel Comics
It’s the conclusion to Destiny and the end of the Civil War II Tie-In for Wolverine. Many times tie-in issues can be skipped as they don’t do anything for the event that is happening and really don’t have much to do with the main story in the series either. This tie-in though is very different and could have just been a regular story arc than a Civil War II tie-in story.
I really like Laura as Wolverine, she has a lot of the same characteristics as Logan but she makes very different choices. Tom Taylor really shows us with this story what Laura’s stance is with Civil War II. Not everyone is on the side you would think they would be, and Laura is not one to be pushed around.
Many of the tie-in stories just touch on who’s on which side and some of the fallout of what has happened. This issue really shows us what the consequences are of choosing to primitively stop crimes before they happen. That maybe our actions from just knowing what could happen is what catapults that event to actually come true.
As I did enjoy some aspects of this issue, it did feel a bit underwhelming. There’s not much substance to the end of this story and it felt like it was just a filler until the next major arc in Wolverines story happens.
The artwork is great and what we have come to love from this series. The colors are strong and really pop off the page. The action sequences are laid out perfectly and helps to move the story along swiftly. This could also be a reason why the issue felt a little underwhelming is because it’s a very quick read.
All in all, this is an good addition to what is one of the best series out from Marvel currently. I highly recommend if you haven’t gotten into Wolverine yet, that you get caught up because Enemy of the State II is coming next month and it is sure to be a wild ride.


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