Scarlet Witch #10

by Ryan.L on September 14, 2016

Writer: James Robinson
Artist: Kei Zama
Colorist: Ian Herring
Publisher: Marvel Comics
The magical detective heads to Kyoto to look into the death of Hiroshi Tanaka the Aoi Master.
I’m really enjoying this series, and how unique it is compared too other characters’ solo series. We continue to get a mixture of detective, adventure and classic superhero stories all mixed into one. This one especially sides heavy on the detective side with some Japanese mythology thrown in as well.
Even though issues like this one seem to be more of a filler story to draw out Wanda’s journey a little bit longer before she heads home and we really get to find out what she has learned about herself. It still is a solid story and helps to show us how she has changed, and atoned for her past crimes.
James Robinson really seems to be zoned in on each different artist he gets. The story is consistent but it does take on the style of the artist of the month and that shows a lot especially with this issue.
This month we get the fabulous art by Kei Zama, and it’s just perfect for Wanda’s trip to Japan. Zama almost has this manga type feel which works perfectly. I couldn’t think of anything better than brining on a Japanese artist to do the issue where Wanda goes to Japan.
If you haven’t been following this series, you are definitely missing out. This a huge gem from marvel and I highly suggest going to collect the back issues or trades and get caught up.


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