Superwoman #2

by Ryan.L on September 14, 2016

Writer: Phil Jimenez
Inks: Matt Santorelli, Joe Prado
Colors: Jeromy Cox
Publisher: DC Comics
Is she really dead?! Last issue of Superwoman was incredible and took me by surprise. Not only did we get one Superwoman, we got two! But one saw her demise at the end of the last issue. But it makes you wonder is she really dead or is this all a trick?
This issue follows where the last one left off and continues to keep us wondering whats going on. Phil Jimenez has really crafted a unique story that is so refreshing to read. I really enjoyed how Lana continues her self discovery even after Lois death. How we really get inside her head as she struggles with losing yet another important person in her life. Its really awesome to read a story where you can relate to the characters. That they may have god like powers but their humanity really shows through and Jimenez has definitely succeeded at this.
Lana is like you and me, we all have lost people, and it’s hard to move on, find the confidence to step up and be who you are meant to be. One of the major themes in the Superman books has been his humanity, and Jimenez ha brought a fresh new take on that with Superwoman.
One thing I did find with this issue was that it seemed to jump around a little bit. There wasn’t as much flow like we had in the first issue. Almost like there wasn’t a clear direction on how to bring together Lana’s story and Lex Luthors story so it felt a little bit rushed. This issue also heads more into the serious tones and action, and we are left missing that comedy that was such a big part of the first issue.
Overall this is another solid issue and if you haven’t picked it up go get issue one and get caught up. This is a must read, and its one of the better books coming from DC.


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