Doctor Strange #11

by Ryan.L on September 07, 2016

Writer: Jason Aaron
Art: Kevin Nowlan, Leonardo Romero
Colors: Kevin Nowlan, Jordie Bellaire
Publisher: Marvel Comics

It’s the aftermath of the Last Days of Magic and Doctor Strange is trying to find his footing. His life has changed and it’s time to forge new paths, and spells. 

Jason Aaron delivers us a pretty standard filler issue, even the art by Kevin Nowlan & Leonardo Romero feels like filler art. I know we need a break after a long intense story arc but sometimes a filler issue can just let you down, especially when the original artist who helped give the series a unique look and tone is off for only the one issue. This book just feels out of place because of the art. I’m sure Romero and Nowlan would do well on a different series, but seeing them try to follow what Chris Bachalo set out for this one just makes their art look unfinished and unpolished.

Aaron does do a little bit of setup for the next arc and honestly I wished we just got started with that story than having an issue in-between that doesn’t give anything of substance to the series. There are some flashbacks from Strange’s history, but not even that can save this issue. Most fans should already know the history and those that don’t I would think would have picked up Strange vol.1 or Doctor Strange Season One to be up to date on the Sorcerer Supremes’ origin.

Everything in this issue could have been condensed and probably added to part one of Blood in the Aether, instead of stretched out into a full issue of its own. Comics aren’t cheap and with so many coming out it kinda sucks when your hard earned money gets wasted on a crappy filler issue.

I would say pass on this issue and save your money, but for the little bit of setup for the next story arc you are probably going to want to read this issue. 


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