Supergirl #1

by Ryan.L on September 07, 2016

Writer: Steve Orlando
Artist: Brain Ching
Colorist: Michael Atiyeh
Publisher: DC Comics

So here we are at the beginning of Supergirls new series, and being a huge fan of hers for years I find myself unsure of this new series. I want to like it I really do, but they always seem to just reboot her back to the very beginning and so it’s hard to really get invested in the character. With every reboot she has a slightly different personality and character. 

2004 we saw straight out of Superman/Batman a new Kara, and then with 2011s New 52 yet another new Kara was given to us. Now we have Rebirth and no it’s not a complete reboot of the character, the way this story is going and how much they are emphasizing that she knows nothing about Earth culture, it’s almost as if she was completely rebooted again. 

Now that being said this series is starting off to be so much fun! I really loved how Steve Orlando is giving us a look at how Kara’s life is on earth now that she is a High school student compared to when she was on Krypton. This book should really resonate with the younger audiences as who didn’t feel like an outsider when they were a teenager? Kara is struggling to find her place, and also her new role with the Department of Extranormal Operations. There have been some really good Supergirl stories over the years and also some major duds. Orlando has managed to find the perfect fit for a new Supergirl story that isn’t just a carbon copy of the Superman books or an alien action book with no substance. 

One of the things that really make this book successful is artist Brian Ching’s stunning pencils. The art is so quirky and fun; it’s exactly what this series needed. Supergirl looks nothing like anything else DC is putting out and that’s a huge reason to pick up this book.

So there we have it, our new Supergirl series is in full swing. My hope is that Steve Orlando can keep delivering engaging stories so that we can really get invested in this Supergirl. That he can pull her out of the perpetual washing machine of re-launching her back to an origin that really seems to be Kara’s curse. There are so many great stories out there other than her awesome origin to tell, and I have faith Orlando will deliver.


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