All-New Wolverine Annual #1

by Ryan.L on August 31, 2016

Writer: Tom Taylor
Art: Marcio Takara
Colors: Mat Lopes
Publisher: Marvel Comics
So I have noticed a trend with current comics, and that is bringing in a lot more of a comedic tone than there had been before. Yes, it’s always been there, some series more than others but this has been a more popular trend because of successful series like Deadpool and Squirrel Girl. So I was a little apprehensive when I heard that All-New Wolverine was heading down that road. I have been a huge fan of X-23 since her debut in the X-Men Evolution tv series. There has always been an element of comedy in any series she has shown up in, mainly because of her past and how she is pretty emotionally stunted. X-23 isn’t your normal kind of girl so she reacts and says things in a more unique way. That’s one reason why she is so popular.
Tom Taylor has managed to take that to the next level, especially with this Annual. Wow I have never laughed out like I did reading this issue. Taylor brings in Spider-Gwen and the chemistry with Wolverine is absolutely perfect! I would definitely like to see more of these two together, I’d even buy a series devoted to a team-up between them. Note to self keep your hands away from your face when popping claws!
This story isn’t anything in-depth but with Civil War II happening we kind of just need a light fun story and that’s what Taylor has brought us. Its Freaky Friday Marvel style!
I love Macio Takara’s art in this book as well. It’s got such a great tone to it and fits this more fun Wolverine. There’s just enough detail that you really see the emotions on the character’s faces, with a bit of a comedic twist. You can see that Takara has done a great job of combining the unique look from the Spider-Gwen series, with All-New Wolverines look and style. It really feels like two worlds combining and also helps to drive the Freaky Friday story line ahead full steam.
If you haven’t been following All-New Wolverine that’s ok, this is a great jumping on point. The annual is so much fun and stands on it’s own really well without needing much back story. This is a must read issue and a must read series. We are going to be heading into Enemy of the State II and it’s sure to be a wild ride so hop on now and hold on for dear life!


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