Deathstroke #1

by Ryan.L on August 24, 2016

Writer: Christopher Priest
Pencils: Carlo Pagulayan
Inks: Jason Paz
Colors: Jeromy Cox
Publisher: DC Comics
I always worry when they take a villain and give them their own series. How do you make their story engaging while not changing the essence of the character into a hero? Some have been successful and some not so much. Deathstroke is definitely shaping up to be one of the successful ones.
Christopher Priest delivers a very intense story that has a tone like from the Jason Borne movies. He manages to keep it edgy, while bringing in political elements and espionage. Deathstroke is an assassin and Priest doesn’t lose sight of the roots of what make this character intriguing. While some of the characters like the main villain in this issue seems a bit goofy, the story manages to keep your attention and really gets you invested to find out what really is going on. We get flashes into the past and it just teases us, leaving us wanting to find out more about Slade and his relationship with Adeline. I’d like to see more of the political elements and leave out the superhero/villain elements. That’s where this book really shines.
Carlo Pagulayan’s art and Jason Paz inks are dark and edgy, just what a story of this tone needs. This book needs the grittiness to help drive the story, and they do a great job with that.
This turned out to be a better story than I was expecting. I really like how we got teased with so many elements and it left us wanting more. Not many villains can pull off a solo series and keep it engaging, but Deathstoke definitely succeeds where others have failed. I recommend picking this one up, because it looks like it’s just the start of an intense ride.


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