Blue Beetle Rebirth #1

by Ryan.L on August 24, 2016

Writer: Keith Giffen
Art: Scott Kolins
Colors: Romulo Fajardo Jr
Publisher: DC Comics
The Blue Beetle finally has his own series again but if you’ve never read his books before, you may be a little confused as to what is going on like I was.
Overall this story shows promise and when it finally really gets going and discovers its groove I could see it being a really good series. But this Rebirth issue didn’t really feel like a Rebirth issue that we have come to know. For the most part the Rebirth issues haven’t been an origin or anything, more of a this is who our character is, where they have been and also where the story is going to head of too. This Rebirth issue felt more like we were just dropped in the middle of a story without much exposition as to whats been going on or why things are happening. Many of the events in this issue had no explanation as to what was the point of them, including the main battle the Blue Beetle gets pulled into.
Keith Giffen does do a good job with the witty banter between the characters, but you can tell that there is some tension as well as history between Jaimie Reyes and Ted Kord, but Giffen doesn’t really do much to show new readers why that tension exists and what their history is.
Being a new reader of Blue Beetle I kind of felt left out a bit and had so many unanswered questions by the end of this issue that I may not have had if I had read previous Blue Beetle series. Giffen basically gave us some very quick cliff notes at the beginning which isn’t enough for new readers. A new series is supposed to have a little bit more to help draw in those new readers so they aren't left feeling like they're missing something.
One thing I did really enjoy about this issue was Scott Kolins art. Blue Beetle seems like he’s going to be a fun character and the art really reflects that. Kolins style gives me a Sunday morning comic strip feel which I think is just perfect for this book.
Blue Beetle is fun and shows a lot of promise. New readers I suggest doing some research into the character so you have a little background before jumping into the series. This book does reward those that have some previous knowledge of the character and history more than those that don’t. But that being said this is a fun book and the store has just begun so I recommend giving it a try and seeing where is takes us.


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