Black Widow #6

by Ryan.L on August 17, 2016

Writer: Mark Waid, Chris Samnee
Penciller: Chris Samnee
Colorist: Matthew Wilson
Publisher: Marvel Comics
The crazy non-stop excitement that is Black Widow brought to us by the incredible creative team of Mark Waid & Chris Smanee continues to deliver everything you would want in a spy/ espionage book. There was some controversy when it was announced Wait and Samnee would be moving from Daredevil over to Black Widow. People thought they weren’t the right team to pen the Widow’s adventures. Well we are six issues in and I think any doubt has now been laid to rest.
Many fans have been patiently waiting for Marvel to do a Black Widow solo movie, and many ideas have been expressed on how it should look. Well I think if we were to get a solo movie Waid and Samnee are currently laying the ground work for how it could look and feel. They really have an understanding of Natasha, and are able to deliver an intense story that really pulls you in.
This issue is a prime example of how you may think you have the Widow while she’s down, but you should never underestimate Natasha. She is always one, two, three and even four steps ahead of you playing all the angles. I honestly think this is one of the best series to come out of Marvel and this issue especially is amazing! Natasha is the queen of deception and that is clearly displayed in this issue.
Samnee’s pencils are so good and the detail just adds to the action and drama. Mixed with Matthew Wilson’s colors, you get this really edgy tone to the book that really suits the spy/espionage story. I loved Phil Noto’s art on the last Black Widow series, but I think Samnee’s art just suits her that much more and really drives the tone of the book.
It’s great to see Natasha finally get some of Marvel’s top creative teams on her books. This is definitely a series you should not miss. Black Widow has become an A-list hero and this issue especially shows why she deserves the spot at the top.


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