Supergirl Rebirth #1

by Ryan.L on August 17, 2016

Writer: Steve Orlando
Pencils: Emanuela Lupacchino
Inks: Ray McCarthy
Colors: Michael Atiyeh
Publisher: DC Comics
Well she’s finally back and who else is excited for the girl of steel!? Well don’t get your hopes up too much because we are off to a pretty rocky start. Superman Rebirth and Action Comics Rebirth were pretty outstanding in my opinion and have continued to be so. Even Superwoman was an incredible first issue and has me excited for that series. Now Supergirl, one of my favourite DC characters finally gets her own series again and I am left feeling a bit let down.
This is the first super book to not live up to the quality that has been set out by the other Rebirth titles. You can see that this series is going to have a lot of the same tone as the television series. Usually the comics dictate the style and feel for a character, and then the TV or movies uses that as a basis and branches off from there. In this case it looks like the opposite is happening. Maybe that’s also why it feels so different from all the other super books that have been released so far in Rebirth.
If you are a fan of the television show, which I to be honest am not, then you will probably enjoy this issue. It is fun, bubbly and has a very formulaic story that doesn’t really bring anything too in depth to the character. Younger fans will also be a huge fan of it because of the light read, and more youthful tone to the book. Maybe in future issues we will get to see Steve Orlando really engage us into the characters and give us some stories with substance.
Emanuela Lupacchino’s pencils in this book are very much on point. There is so much detail and the action sequences look incredible with Michael Atiyeh’s colors. This book pops off the page and is really pleasing to look at. Again it’s got a very youthful look which is perfect for a younger audience. I’m really enjoying the design of Kara’s Supergirl costume compared to her New 52 one. This costume seems a bit more practical than the one-piece bathing suit or the 2004 crop top and mini skirt, and also helps to bring her look away from something overtly sexual which seems to be the trend in comics as of late (check out Batgirl for a prime example of this).
Well this may not be the Rebirth I would have wanted for Kara, but overall it was alright start to which I hope is a long and exciting journey for the Girl of Steel!


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