X-Force #21 Review

by Ryan.L on July 07, 2021

Writer: Benjamin Percy
Artist: Joshua Cassara, Robert Gill
Colorist: Guru-eFX
Letterer: VC's Joe Caramagna
Design: Tom Muller
Publisher: Marvel Comics

X-Force heads out to investigate an ecological disaster.

This issue was pretty good. We got to see some action and the team finally out on a mission again. There is a lot of tension between Sage and Beast. Many of his questionable choices were revealed during the Hellfire Gala and that seems to have put a wedge between these two especially. I don't trust Beast at all, but he still leads this team for now.

This mission wasn't bad but it also didn't really excite me either. While this plot with Terra Verde is interesting I want to see more investigating into XENO. We are so many issues into this series and we still know very little about the organization. There is also a reveal in this issue that I groaned a bit from. While it's interesting that this reveal will tie in an old threat we have not seen in a long time, it also takes us further away from XENO and getting answers there. 

We did get some action, but Wolverine pleading with the assailant that he understands what they're going through seemed to get in the way. It really took me out of the black-ops theme that this book has seemed to build itself around and try to be a classic hero book instead.

The art in this book was solid and what we have come to know from the series. The colors and style really enhances the biological nature of this story. Though this issue was lacking some of the really exciting visuals we have gotten in previous issues. That being said the pages were still beautifully done.

Overall X-Force continues to be a fun read that is playing the long game. It keeps teasing us with moments of XENO but sends us off investigating other plot points instead of letting us find out who XENO actually is. 

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