Hellions #4 Review

by Ryan.L on September 16, 2020

Writer: Zeb Wells
Artist: Stephen Segovia
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Ok I'm of two minds with this conclusion to the first arc in the series. While I really enjoyed this issue and there were some very exciting scenes, it also felt anticlimactic.

To start off there is a lot of action in this issue. It's really exciting, and especially getting to see Havok let loose was epic! Beyond that though Madelyne Pryor is dealt with so easily. There was no big payoff or revelation. 

I ended up getting most of what I needed from this issue in its mission briefing. The final battle with Pryor had such an underwhelming end that I felt pretty unsatisfied. The mission briefing though managed to salvage a lot of where I felt underwhelming and gave some closure to what the first arc accomplished. I only hope that Havok is finally on a road to redemption. Though the state he is in at the end of the issue makes me feel that will be a long time off.

The big thing that this issue covered was the Quiet Council's stance on clones. This decision though could pose as a problem for some fan favorites running around. Or will this be a case by case basis? I do fear that may be what happens. As hypocritical as it will be, one clone will be deemed a real person while another will not.

I applaud Stephen Segovia's artistry. This is such an action packed issue and he managed to make every single page more exciting and dynamic than the last.

Overall this issue hits an emotional close to a great first arc. The issue wasn't perfect but it still was a thrilling read.

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