Hellions #3 Review

by Ryan.L on August 26, 2020

Writer: Zeb Wells
Artist: Stephen Segovia
Publisher: Marvel Comics
It’s Madelyne baby! She’s back and oh is she going to raise a little hell. She may be more than the Hellions can handle.
This issue was absolutely outstanding. There were moments where I actually found myself gasping at what was happening. This series definitely doesn’t pull any punches and goes even further than what ‘X-Force’ does.
I have always loved Madelyne Prior, and ‘Inferno’ is my all-time favorite x-event. Seeing her back and that she is even crazier than she was before, just truly excites me. I really liked how this time we really are digging deep into her psyche. She hasn’t just decided on this plan because someone tried to use her. She has a deeper motivation now this time. It’s become truly personal and all of Krakoa will know why.
While I absolutely love this series I am finding myself not happy that Havok still has no real identity. Maybe after this story arc he might finally be redeemed, but we were told before he would be. Now that Madelyne is back he is going to get swept up into her manipulations and that can only spell trouble for him. Havok is a great character that just keeps getting dragged through the mud.
Overall ‘Hellions’ continues to just shock and awe. This book is outstanding and is a must read for any x-fan.

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