New Mutants #9 Review

by Ryan.L on March 11, 2020

Writer: Ed Brisson
Artist: Flaviano
Publisher: Marvel Comics
The New Mutants set out to bring more mutants to the island. Though they may be a little over their head this time.
This book was really well done. I know I have said before that I wasn’t a fan of what Ed Brisson was doing on the series, and I wanted more of Jonathan Hickmans New Mutants. Well this issue completely changed my mind. It seems as though Brisson was able to integrate what Hickman was doing with his own style, and it really works. This issue was so much fun, and really brought the team together. While the team Hickman put together was so exciting to read, having the addition of Boom-Boom really amps up the excitement level. She was exactly what the team needed. Her “over it” attitude makes for some really hilarious moments. I can see there being a lot of friction between her and Mirage going forward, they don’t seem to really see eye to eye.
The other part of this book that I really enjoy is seeing a lot more of Cypher. He is such an underused character so it’s nice to see him used a lot more, and used well. His interactions with Mondo are some of the best in the book. I am finding that Chamber is being underused, and that could be because of the large roster this book has. That could be one of the downsides of this book. We have so many young mutants, and while cameos are nice and all our main roster is huge. Most teams usually run at around six members and this one is at ten currently. Let’s hope that Brisson is able to continue to juggle the many many characters among the new ones he is introducing.
Overall this series continues to shine and be one of the best x-books out right now. If you are a fan of the younger mutants then this is a must read series. We are just starting a new story arc so this is a great issue to jump on-board with.

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