New Mutants #8 Review

by Ryan.L on February 26, 2020

Writer: Ed Brisson
Artist: Marco Failla
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Magma takes Armor and Boom-Boom to her home in Brazil, while Sebastian Shaw takes care of the mess that was caused in Pilger.
I was not a fan of the previous issues that Ed Brisson wrote. This time though things are a lot different. I enjoyed this story so much. It really brought us something new and fun. Armor, Magma and Boom-Boom make a great trio. Also this was one of the best issues with Sebastian Shaw in it. I really would love to see more of Shaw like this than just at odds with Emma Frost. This issue also connected the series to the other books in the ‘Dawn of X’ line-up that it had before. Boom-Boom has also been one of the best parts of this issue. She is so fun and sarcastic; it really brings an enjoyable element to the book.
The art in this issue is also really well done. It really suits the quirky tone of this book. There are moments where thing get a bit more serious, but then there are many moments where things aren’t silly but a little bit more on the comedic side. The action scenes are also really well laid out and it really enhances the excitement.
Overall this issue brings in a fresh new story that is so exciting and fun. I really want a lot more of Magma, Armor and Boom-Boom. I highly recommend this one, Brisson has really delivered something exciting here.

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