New Mutants #7 Review

by Ryan.L on February 20, 2020

Writer: Jonathan Hickman
Artist: Rod Reis
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Have you ever wanted an interactive comic? Well now you have one! This book was so hilarious, from the over the top recap, to the John Hughes style antics, this book when it focuses on this particular team of New Mutants really shines. I laughed so hard reading this book from start to finish. Jonathan Hickman really has brought a unique and fun story I hope we get a lot more of him on this series. The next few issues Ed Brisson takes over again, but hopefully Hickman will be back.

One of the parts of this book I really enjoyed was the interactive fight scene. This was hilarious and almost made this book like a Dungeons & Dragons session. It’s such a fun and unique idea that really amped up the excitement level.

The art on this book continues to be amazing. I love the look and style. It really separates the book from other books in the ‘Dawn of X’ line-up. It’s so bright and fun, and really marries the comedic tone of the book really well.

Overall this was one amazing issue that completely raises the bar. It was so exciting and fun and really gets me excited for more in the series. I haven’t laughed this hard reading a comic in ages, I highly recommend this one.

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