X-Force #7 Review

by Ryan.L on February 14, 2020

Writer: Benjamin Percy
Artist: Oscar Bazaldua
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Domino has been through a lot since the formation of Krakoa. Now we get to see how she is coping since being rescued. Also, Colossus hasn’t been the same since his resurrection.
I don’t know what to really think about this issue. While what happened to Domino and Colossus was awful, this issue just felt more like filler than a full-fledged ‘X-Force’ issue. The story is pretty meh up until the end where there is a shocking reveal. I guess after such a lackluster issue they needed some way to entice us to pick up the next one. Now while I say this one is pretty lack luster I by now means say it’s a bad issue, it’s just not as exciting as several of the previous ones. I hope this series is able to pick things up again. I think ‘X-Force’ works a lot better when it focuses on the team and the politics of Krakoa being a new nation, than when they give the spotlight to one or two members.
We also have a new artist on this issue and while the art is really well done, it doesn’t have the unique style we have come to know. It’s a lot brighter like some of the other series in the ‘Dawn of X’ line-up. I really do enjoy this art, I just feel it would fit one of the other more comedic books better, than this more dark and gritty one.
Overall this is an alright book. It focuses on just a couple characters, and give us a pretty interesting cliffhanger. Hopefully the series will pick up, but this still is still not a terrible installment and you should be able to find something to enjoy.

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