New Mutants #6 Review

by Ryan.L on January 30, 2020

Writer: Ed Brisson
Artist: Flaviano
Publisher: Marvel Comics

It’s the conclusion to the other story featuring Armor, Glob, Boom-Boom and the others. Things are not going to end well, but can Boom-Boom save the day?

This issue was like the other issues in this second story, just alright. It’s not super exciting but this issue did have some shocking moments. There seems to be some setup for future stories but the overall theme of this story didn’t have me engaged enough too much care. While there were some funny moments, some very questionable moments, I found that like I’ve mentioned in previous reviews this story is just more of the same we have gotten for years. It’s even more apparent when it’s in a series mixed with another story that is delivering a very unique and interesting story. This one and its ending just fall flat. Maxime and Manon proved to be wildcards as they are completely untrained. But that wasn’t a shocker, and neither were some of the choices they made. By the end all Maxime and Monon get are a slap on the hand. There is no real punishment or repercussions to their actions. It just leads to there not being any weight to this story at all. Yes there is setup for some potential problems later but we’ve already been shown that it doesn’t really matter, so why should we care or worry? Yes we are shown that the events of this story didn’t go unnoticed, but with Maxime and Monon just getting a slap on the hand it doesn’t feel like the events are truly going to matter much beyond this issue.

Overall this issue just falls flat as it tries to conclude Armor’s team’s story. There is nothing really engaging or exciting about it. While the other team in the ‘New Mutants’ series has been great, this teams story is definitely one I would skip.


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