X-Force #6 Review

by Ryan.L on January 30, 2020

Writer: Benjamin Percy
Artist: Stephen Segovia
Publisher: Marvel Comics

This issue was really interesting. We get to see that Beast is in charge of the mutant counterintelligence agency X-Force, and sends them out on a mission. We get to see a bit of the political dealing with Terra Verde and the plans to have the nation sign doesn’t go as planned.

I enjoyed this issue for the most part. It was nice to see the workings of X-Force and Beasts commanding of the team.  There is some friction especially with Jean. We have never seen her on a team like this and it’s interesting to see her ideals in the mix of the ideals of what X-Force is formed from. Also seeing Beast leading a team is very new. It’s not something that often happens and some of the choices X-Force have made, knowing that Beast was leading and approved these choices shows a very new side to him. He once ostracised Cyclops for similar choices, but now is making some of the very same choices. It really shows the state of the mutants in the world and how it has had a very really effect on each mutant.

My problem with this issue is the biological nature of the assailants. It was a unique idea for the mutants to move away from mechanical devices and have an organic substitute from the island. But to now have and opposing faction have a biological weapon as well seems a bit much. There is probably a larger plan at play here, as this issue does feel like it is setting something up rather than just delivering a solid story, but we will have to wait and see.

Overall this is an adequate instalment to the ‘X-Force’ series. It’s one of the weaker issues but still gives us a fun mission to see the team go out on. There is heavy commentary by Beast which lends to an insight of how he runs the team. Not explosive, but still an enjoyable read.

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