Excalibur #6 Review

by Ryan.L on January 25, 2020

Writer: Tini Howard
Artist: Marcus To
Publisher: Marvel Comics

There is more going on here, and Apocalypse has plans he’s not letting everyone in on. Last issue Rogue drained all of his life, but we know with the mutants they never stay dead.

I found with this issue a lot of things changed.  Very early on we even see some friction between Apocalypse and Xavier. Is Apocalypse with the mutants or is he just using them for his own gains? That seems to be the question asked repeatedly. There are many decisions that seem to benefit Apocalypse over the others. As the cover suggests it seems that this is no longer a Captain Britain book, but an Apocalypse book, though our other mutants are unknowing participants in his game. The one thing that I don’t really get with all of that is Rogue absorbed him fully in the last issue. Whatever secrets he was keeping she should know about, but even she says “maybe he’s really helpin’ us.” Rogue’s power is to not only absorb their powers but their psyche as well. Should gain his memories and therefore would know his plan. Unless with her power-up she is now able to control what she takes. Either way this team has no clue what’s really afoot, and I’m finding myself finally hooked.

It took me awhile to get on-board with this book. Some of the previous issues felt a little too over the top cheesy for my taste. It works for some, but I have always been more into the darker more serious x-books. As I mentioned earlier I found a lot changed with this book and so did my outlook in it. There are many subtle moments in this issue that really peaked my interest, where I definitely want to see where they go. How they will impact the other books, and does Apocalypse have the wool pulled over everyone’s eyes or not, and what happens with Jaime once he learns he’s just a puppet? We will just have to wait and see.

The art in this book continues to be outstanding. It’s really bright, fun and colourful. It mirrors the story perfectly which is also pretty fun. You can even see in some of the darker serious moments the pages have a gloomier look to them.

Overall this book finally finds its groove. Many of us questioned Apocalypse’s involvement and now it looks like many of us could be right, or are we? Just when I was about to write this book off it pulls me back in.

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