New Mutants #3 Review

by Ryan.L on December 12, 2019

Writer: Ed Brisson
Artist: Flaviano
Publisher: Marvel Comics

This issue we get to follow some of the other young mutants as Jonathan Hickman shares writing the series with Ed Brisson. Armor decides to look into the whereabouts of some of her fellow mutants that haven’t made it to Krakoa.

I enjoyed this issue somewhat. It was a return to form of what we are used too in the young mutant series we have gotten over the years. It is a little more light hearted and fun, while keeping up with the comedy set out in the series by Hickman. Though that being said it does come across as an X-Men by the numbers book. Everything about this book is exactly as you would expect. It’s still a lot of fun, but we have definitely seen this many times before. Reading this actually made me miss Hickman’s quirky story from the first couple issues of the series. While Hickman’s issues were a little over the top, they still felt somewhat fresh and new. Even Manon and Maxime don’t bring enough to the story to give it a fresh element. They just fall into the same roles some of the more seasoned young mutants did when they were newly introduced.

Even the art in this book feels like it’s not uniquely its own and is trying too hard to fit into the ‘Dawn of X’ filter. One of the great things about the previous issues was they looked nothing like the rest of the ‘Dawn of X’ books.  While the art is not bad at all in this issue, it’s just more of the same just like the story.

Overall this issue is more of what we know and have gotten before. The series is interesting in the fact that it will bounce between two writers and two stories. But other than that it’s still falling short on delivering a truly engaging story.

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