X-Force #3 Review

by Ryan.L on December 11, 2019

Writer: Benjamin Percy
Artist: Joshua Cassara
Publisher: Marvel Comics

We now have an X-Force! It’s taken a few issues but we are now finally seeing the formation of X-Force.

I have really been enjoying this book a lot. It’s very dark, gritty and is showing the harsher side to forming your own nation. When a large part of the world hates and fears you, there is going to be pushback. I can’t imagine the pain Domino went through. It was straight out of a horror movie what they did to her. This new shadow group has me very intrigued and excited to find out more about them. How did they know that grafting pieces of Domino to their soldiers would work? This group is very well organized and I’m sure this is only the beginning of the horror they will unleash upon the mutants.

This book does have me wonder though, and even in this issue one of the characters even asked the question I was thinking, how do this team and the rules of Krakoa work? Will this X-Force team be similar to Cyclops black ops team or will they handle things differently? Can you go up against an assailant that will try to kill you without lethal force? The fact that the mutants can’t really die does bring an interesting element to the book. 

Overall with several of the other books being so bright and light hearted, this dark book is exactly what we need to balance it out. This book shows the harsh reality of how some of the world still views the mutants. Things are about to get interesting and I highly recommend getting on this ride if you haven’t already.

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